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Coyote Ridge Library


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Research Databases: See MackinVia

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For Searching Online

 Kidrex  A smarter, safer Google search

   Adams 12 Google Apps    Google Docs Tutorial    Google Classroom Tutorial 

Coding and other fun:

Why Code?    Hour of Code     Tynker    Scratch    Prodigy Math     Sand

  Creative Commons Search

More Online Books:

Free Daily TumbleBook: click here!


Keyboarding Practice: 

Typing Club   Keyboard Zoo  Dance Mat  Race Cars 

Kindergarten Online Activities:        NatGeoKids     Sightword Popcorn    Kinder - Build Sight Words    Kinder - Coin Combo    Learning Coins     Money Bingo Kinder - Make a Match      Kinder-Word Bingo     Kinder - Seasons     Kinder + and -       Kinder +     Kinder- 100 Chart  Kinder - Add for Butterfly   Kinder-Story Maker     Kinder - Match-a Match-a     Kinder-Monkey Typing           Kinder - Typing Rocket        Kinder - Fuzzbugs        


1st Grade- National Geographic Animals    1st A-Z Animals