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2021 Virtual Kids Heart Challenge

You did It! Thanks Coyote Ridge Heart Heros! Thanks to your hard work and generosity we more than doubled our school fund-raising goal this year! We also doubled the SLIME!  Thank-you gifts should arrive from the American Heart Association in 4-6 weeks and will be distributed to students once they arrive.  Thanks again for being heart heros and supporting the American Heart Association.

Heart Headqurters:

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Kids Heart Challenge Mission Experience

Kids Heart Challenge Virtual Donation Envelope/Guide to Getting Started

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Important Links & Kid's Heart Challenge Information:

How to register online for Kids Heart Challenge

Kids Heart Challenge Thank you Gift Information

Meet this year's Kids Heart Challenge Heart Hero Characters

Dash- Move More

Iker- Be a leader

Journey- Be Kind

Kai- Choose Water

Sam- No Tobacco or Vaping

Taye and Scout- Help Others

Even more.... To Explore....... Links & Activities

Kids Heart Challenge 2021 Teaser Video

Kids Heart News

Finn's Survivor Story

Fun Heart Facts