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English Language Development



Welcome to our ELD classroom. I am very excited to be a part of your student's learning this year at Coyote Ridge. During our forty-five minutes together, our group will focus on reading, writing, listening, and speaking in English. We will extend and develop an understanding of both social and academic English while honoring the learning that your child has already experienced in his or her first language. In a small group setting, we will have the opportunity to learn and connect with the concepts and skills that your student is studying in his or her grade-level classroom, while advancing the use of the English language. Welcome and I look forward to a wonderful year together!

*ELD (English Language Development) is an instructional time for our school’s English Language Learners to focus on the areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking in a small group setting. Using the State Standards, district Units of Study, and levels of communicative competence, individual language strengths and needs of students are addressed.

Remote Learning

English Language Development assignments will be offered in Schoology.  I understand that every family situation is different right now.  Your access to technology may vary, caregivers may be working from home or working overtime in an essential field, individual households may not have the supplies we typically have on hand in our classroom or your child may be attending a Learning Pod.  Although we face these many realities, I will do my best to assist in your student's learning in any way I am capable, given my own circumstances.  Your child will be assigned a course in Schoology that he or she will attend daily for 45 minutes.  Our remote learning schedule allows classroom teachers to use asynchronous learning time for ELD courses.   


Students are expected to attend their course daily during their assigned time.


ELD is a graded subject.  Your student's progress will be monitored through various assignments, work completion and pre/post assessments.  Grades will be recorded in Infinate Campus and reflected on reports cards.

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