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The specials at Coyote Ridge include Physical Education, Art and Music.  Students rotate between the specials on a three day rotation.  They see each special one day before rotating to the next special.  Kindergarten has 25 minute specials; first through fifth grades meet for 45 minutes.

Master Schedule Semester 1

Specials Classrooms

Mrs. Harris' Class

Subject: Music
Music class consists of imitation, exploration, and creation of music.  At Coyote Ridge, students sing, play instruments, dance, and compose in a fun, active learning environment.  Here is back to school information.

Mr. Makan's Class

Subject: Art
In the art room, students explore the visual world, are challenged to become problem solvers and critical thinkers, and learn to express their creativity. Students work both individually and collectively to develop these skills and discover how...

Mrs. States' class

Subject: Physical Education
Physical Education at Coyote Ridge is a dynamic and safe place for students to explore movement and fitness as well as to practice teamwork, cooperation and healthy competition. Students work together to build competence in motor skills and...