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Social/Emotional/Behavioral Support

As a school psychologist new to Adams 12, I would like to introduce myself to this wonderful community. Please never hesitate to contact me so we can collaborate as a team! I work with families daily - in addition to administration, teachers, and community organizations - with the goal of creating safe, responsible, respectful, & productive environments for all students. For example, I work with teachers to assess students' needs and communicate actionable findings, which I plan to support through targeted co-teaching in each classroom. I use a variety of research-based personal-social based curricula, which I share with families and teachers. I also provide direct support and interventions to students, consulting with all stakeholders to help improve academic achievement, promote positive behavior and mental health, support diverse learners, and create a safe and positive learning community. In an effort to provide continuity between the school and home environments, I also strive to provide families with the same positive reinforcements and curricula used in one-on-one and small group interventions. If you have any questions or need my attention to best meet the goals you have for your child’s academic, social/emotional, and/or behavioral development, please never hesitate to contact me. I look forward to meeting and working with every family in one way or another.  Go Coyotes!