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English Language Development Launch

This month in English Language Development we are exploring our new and upgraded space.  We are very fortunate to have a mobile this year so we can move around and learn.  This month we are working on the Language of Expression and Building Community.  Our goal is to use the Language of Expression and Building Community to communicate about school, classroom procedures and following rules.  We have been looking at the P.A.C.K. traits and learning how we can show Perseverance, Accountaibilty, Courage and Kindness in our classroom. 

We have been enjoying many stories to further our knowledge of each P.A.C.K. trait.  For the trait of Perseverance we learned about women from around the world and how they persisted through various difficult trials.

We learned about accountability with a book called "What if Everybody Did That" which pointed out how the world would look much different if we aren't held accountible for our actions.  

For the P.A.C.K. Trait of Courage we read the story Sheila Rae, the Brave which is about a mouse who is very brave and courageous.  

Finally for the the P.A.C.K. trait Kindess we read Try a Little Kindness.  This book gives many examples of how we can show kindness to the people around us.  

All of our stories helped us understand each P.A.C.K. trait.  We praticed our English skills by talking with a partner about each trait and how we show the traits in our school.  We also wrote examples of each in our writing notebooks.  The intermediate grade levels are currently working on a speaking and writing rubric that is kid-friendly and all students in ELD can use to improve their speaking and writing ability in class.  At the end of our unit, we will be exploring the various drills at our school and how we will stay safe if a drill happens during our time in ELD.