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Asking and Answering Questions

In Camp ELD we have just started our new Unit of Asking and Answering Questions.  In this unit we are focusing on what words we see in questions and how we can use those words within our answer.  There are 4 areas where students use the Language of Asking and Answering Questions.

Speaking: Can I ask and answer a question orally?

Listening: Can I listen to a questions or answer and understand?

Reading: Do I know when I am reading a question or answer?  Can I identify question and answer words and punctuation?

Writing: Can I write a question or answer using appropriate question and answer words?

We begin our lessons with a morning meeting where students get to practice this skill orally.  At our morning meetings we check in, answer a question and discuss our Learning Intentions and Success Criteria for the day.  After that we focus on our skill within one of the five Colorado English Language Proficiency categories:

Social and Instructional Language: games, recess, vacations, holidays, food, rules, etc.

Language of Mathematics: geometry, algebra, graphs, fractions, money, time, etc.

Language of Language Arts: poetry, spelling, phonics, sentence building, story elements, etc.

Language of Science: biology, chemistry, meteorology, geography, etc.

Language of Social Studies: government, culture, history, economics, etc.  

Ask your student what we are working on this month.  We have been enjoying the practice with these skills and are beginning to truly understand how important meaningful questions and answers are, to understanding the world around us.