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March Newsletter

Coyote Ridge Elementary School

5th Grade

March 2020

Upcoming Events10-Growth-Mindset-Statements.jpg

March 2nd: Murphy to Ecocycle
March 3rd: Wheeler to Ecocycle
March 5th: Varela to Ecocycle
March 10th: Hafen to Ecocycle
March 16, 17, and 18: ELA CMAS from 7:50 to 10:05
March 20th: 5th Grade Time Fair
March 25th-April 1st: Spring Break

Fifth Grade Focus
Reading/Social Studies: Our first annual Time Fair will be centered around European Exploration. Come`by on 3/20 to a fair of students’ work regarding their explorer. They will be trying to “sell” you an adventure package traveling through time to visit a particular explorer’s life.

Math: We are into Unit 6 which revolves around Measurement and Decimal Multiplication and Division. By the end, students should have a stronger understanding of converting within systems of measurement as well as how to multiply and divide decimals.

Thank you! Have a great March!
5th Grade Team