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March News

In literacy we continue to develop our decoding and comprehension skills.   Primary grade students continue to work hard on their phonemic awareness skills and sight word drill practice.  Intermediate grade students are working on irregular patterned words, variant vowels, and suffixes.  We are reading various types of text such as news articles, chapter books, and short stories (fiction and nonfiction). We are beginning to analyze what different types of comprehension questions there are and discussing why that type of question is important.

In small groups students are getting support with writing their grade level writing pieces (it varies by grade level -personal narrative, state project, Coloradan historian).  Students are working on writing key details to support their topic in their own words vs. copying it out of the text and using more variety with transitional clauses. We are really trying to work hard on our own editing and revising skills, re-reading for meaning, checking for spelling and punctuation errors. 

March will have lots of exciting performances, assemblies, field trips, and of course, SPRING BREAK!!!  We hope you enjoy it!!!