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April Newsletter

Happy Springtime!

Our monthly newsletter looks quite a bit different this month! We wanted to use our newsletter as a reference for our new remote learning that started on April 1st. We would first like to thank each and everyone of our families for all your hardwork in supporting our remote learning.  We know that balancing family, along with helping your child/children with remote learning and your own work is very demanding. Thank you for your endless support and for all that you do to help your child learn and grow during this difficult time.

The fifth students are off to a great start logging in to Google Classroom and completing the activities posted on our Learning Board.  Each week we will be posting a new Learning Board on Fridays at 3 pm with various activities in these subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, and Writing.  Your child will have all week including weekends to submit his or her work on Google Classroom. We are working hard to provide students with meaningful learning opportunities, but please know that this will be a learning experience for everyone! Reach out with any questions you or your child may have so that we can work through this together. Parents and students may use Google Classroom or our teacher emails to communicate with us as well.

Attendance​ will be taken by student participation and assignment completion of all required assignments on the learning board. However, if your family’s schedule allows, there will be additional optional activities. As per district recommendation, students will be receiving 25-30% of their typical face to face content instruction and assignments. Attendance will be taken every Friday by 3:00 pm. 

Grades ​will be given for participation and completion of learning activities. Parents are welcome to support their child with clarifications, directions, and any modifications based-on your child’s unique needs; however, the assignment needs to reflect the child’s thinking and work. 

Thank you again for your patience, grace and understanding as we begin this new way of learning with you and your child. We are committed to making this the best experience for each and every child in fifth grade!


Amy Hafen, Melissa Murphy, Richard Varela, and Annette Wheeler