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May News

Yeah!  We have made it to May!  What a spring this has been!  We really appreciate all of you!  This has been such a tricky time with so many unknowns for all families and students.  Everyone has had a sharp learning curve with accessing and completing assignments via SeeSaw, Google Classroom, and other various websites and learning platforms.  We are very proud of all the work you are doing!

Please remember to give yourselves some grace.  Lots of things are different right now, and it is important to have balance.  Try your best, but remember to be nice to yourself too.  School work is important, but having calm, positive interactions between parents and children is more important.  If you need a break, take the break.  It is really challenging to be a parent and the teacher to your own child 24 / 7.   Please reach out to any and all of us for any questions, concerns,  adult conversations :)  Let’s finish the next few weeks out strong!!

We MISS our students (and our classrooms) so much!  We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!!