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September News

We have made it to September! It's been a technology roller coaster these first two weeks, and will probably continue. We are so grateful for our patient students and supportive parents! Thank you!!! Peering into September, we will await the district's decision about the future of our learning. There will be a decision made by September 11th about our learning situation moving forward. We will remain in a remote setting until September 25th at the minimum. 

Our 4th grade units of study and curriculum will guide our instruction. Beginning around September 14th, we will start introducing the Florida Virtual School platform and utilizing the materials within it. This will be another learning curve for all of us, so get ready to hang on tight once again. 

As a reminder, synchronous learning will take place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday while logging into the teacher's specific links and having all class time led by a teacher. On Wednesdays, students will be asynchronous while completing given assignments and activities to complete through their teachers' Schoology sites. Attendance will be acknowledged with work completion on Wednesdays. 

Thank you for your support of our schools, teachers, and your children during this tough time.