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September News

Happy September! We are so excited to be working with your 2nd grader this year. The first couple weeks of school we are focusing on building a community with our students, reviewing concepts from the end of first grade and will begin introducing beginning of the year 2nd grade content. The district’s plan is to begin using Florida Virtual Learning Curriculum around September 14th. This will be our curriculum for the entire school year regardless if we are in a brick and mortar classroom or remote setting.

Each class is having Morning and Afternoon Meetings. Classroom meetings are a great opportunity to connect as a class and share and learn from each other - even if we are doing this virtually.

In Science we have started our unit on plant and animal adaptations.  This is a very engaging unit as the kids connect to all their background knowledge about animals and dig deeper in their understanding of how plants and animals adapt to survive in various ecosystems. 

In Reading we have been reviewing story elements. We have been learning to find the important events in the beginning, middle, and end of a story. 

In Math, we’ve been reviewing important concepts from first grade that will be built upon later in the year. Your student has been practicing identifying coins, using a number line, and compliments of ten.

We will begin to administer our fall assessments mid-September. Please look for communication regarding an assessment sign up for your student in the days to come. PALs assessments will be done on September 16th. If you have any questions please contact your child’s teacher.

Thank you for your continued support at home!