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October Newsletter

October 2020

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October 1st: First day of in-person learning.

Fifth Grade Focus
We will begin working to identify themes in text with Stargirl.

Writing: We will begin writing narratives as students practice plotting a story, introducing characters, and crafting an interesting conclusion.

Math: We are working on finding the area of rectangles with fractional side lengths and understanding the meaning of, and how to determine, volume.

Science/Social Studies: We are determining the difference between Mixtures and Solutions utilizing the Florida Virtual School science curriculum.

We are following the district’s recommendations for keeping our classrooms a safe environment for our students. Each classroom is its own cohort and is kept together during the day - even for lunch and recess. Students will only be in a different classroom for specials, and this year specials are on a 5 week rotation to minimize contact within the building. Classrooms have been set up for social distancing and all student items are kept in individual containers. We have daily handwashing along with the use of hand sanitizer as needed. Face masks are worn throughout the day but can be taken off for recess. Please make sure your child has two face masks at school every day.

Thank you! Have a great October!
5th Grade Team

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