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November News

It seems like the pages of the calendar keep flipping, even if we're not ready for it to happen. For those of us who are back in school, it's been so nice to be able to see each other in person, have discussions, and practice a bit of "normalcy" in the world of education. For those remote, kids are continuing to push through technology challenges and learn in so many new ways. We were able to connect our 4th grade remote and in-person kids by recording Flipgrid messages to each other. We will continue to do this to unite as CRE students. 

For November, we have begun some new units of learning. We will be wrapping up unit 2 in math, which had a heavy multiplication focus and move into learning more about fractions in unit 3. We will continue to practice multiplication facts through 12 for mastery. Nonfiction has become the genre study in both reading and writing. We have been covering main idea, summarizing nonfiction, and will move into the structures of nonfiction. In writing, the students have been writing informational pieces. They chose a topic that they could write thoroughly about from their own knowledge base and without any research. We covered our civics and government unit in social studies, which coincided nicely with election day. We will transition back to science in order to do some hands-on demonstrations while still in school. We will learn about our earth's erosion, weathering, types of rocks, and rock layers. We also continue to have word work daily focusing on specific spelling patterns or phonemic rules that help identify ways to spell correctly. Each Wednesday, we take time to focus on a social emotional topic. We have been covering the topic of empathy and learning about the many ways empathy can help us with relationships.

Although so much of the future is unknown, we take comfort in knowing that we are in this together. We are grateful to lead your children this year and hope that this will be a positive year to remember.