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November News

We just wrapped our first rotation in P.E.!  Check out the pictures posted in the image gallery to see students in action.

 The following classes will have P.E. from Thursday, Nov 5 through Thursday, Dec 17:

  • 5 Wheeler
  • 4 Akerson
  • 3 Garren
  • 2 Young
  • 1 Kover
  • K May

K/1 remote students will participate in asychronous P.E. lessons during this rotation.

We are continting to follow the district’s recommendations for keeping the gym a safe environment for our students.   We are diligently practicing safe habits by using  hand sanitizer at the beginning and end of P.E. classes.  Equipmet will continued to be wiped down and sanitizized at the end of class. Face masks are worn in the gym, but can be taken off while outdoors for P.E while social distancing.  Each day we will continue to begin class inside the gym, but spend a large portion of our time outside.  Please be sure to remind your student(s) to wear their tennis shoes and bring a water bottle, as use of the drinking fountain is restricted to water bottle filling only.  October provided us with some wonderful weather, but as we head into November and December, expect colder temperatures and  please have your student(s) dress in layers as we will continue to go outside for P.E. classes. For bad weather days, when students cannot go outside for recess, P.E. classes will be held inside the gym.