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December 2020 Newsletter

Coyote Ridge Elementary School

5th Grade

December 2020

Upcoming Events

December 18th-January 4th: Winter Break

Fifth Grade Focus
Reading: We are working our way through our Ideas and Interactions unit wherein we are learning how to identify key details to support a main idea, summarizing, and explaining relationships in nonfiction texts.

Writing: In writing we have begun our Informational Writing unit and students have begun planning their informational writing piece.

Math: Unit 3 has begun with lessons on the relationship between fractions and division. With that in mind, the majority of the unit will revolve around fraction addition and subtraction.

Social Studies/Science: We are continuing to use FLVS as our curriculum for Social Studies and Science. We are currently learning about Galaxies, Solar Systems, and Planets.

Thank you,
5th Grade Team

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