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December News

We're hopeful everyone was able to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving and took some time to reflect on things you are grateful for. We are so thankful for our students and families of CRE, being understanding and resilient during these difficult times. CRE is a wonderful place to call our "second home" whether it be in-person or remote. "We're all in this together" couldn't be more accurate for both staff, students, and families! Thank you!

We will be wrapping up many units during these school weeks of December. In math, we've been working with fractions and  comparing fractions. We've also made the connections between fractions and decimals, demonstrating that they are both parts of a whole. We will continue with more decimal work, exploring tenths and hundreths places and comparing them. We will also talk about metric measurement, as it corresponds to tenths and hudredths (meter, centimeter, millimeter). We will compare decimals, and finish with a unit test before break. In reading, we have been focusing on text structures and the key words that help identify those structures. We will go from looking at the overall structure of a text, to looking at individual paragraphs within a text and seeing how there may be multiple structures within one piece. In writing, we have introduced a constructed response format that we title CER: claim, evidence, and reasoning. Answering open-ended questions following this format allows for the students to be successful and have enough evidence to prove their answers. In social studies, we've covered the topic of financial literacy and will extend that with a computer program that can be done during independent time. We will then transition to our Colorado Story textbook and learn some information about Colorado's regions and those region's resources, landmarks, and key features.

Lots of learning still going on in 4th grade! The last day of school for kids will be Thursday, December 17th. Have a wonderful holiday break with your families! Let's hope this New Year brings about positivity.