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January News

Welcome to 2021! We hope that everyone enjoyed a relaxing time over the break and took some time to get rejuvenated to begin this new year. We are ready to get this year going and persevere with whatever comes our way--one day at a time!

We begin many new units with this new year. In math we will be learning many strategies in order to master multi-digit multiplication. This is when math will really look different to you parents. The reason we are teaching multiple strategies, instead of simply the traditional method, is because different strategies may work better for different kids. You may feel the need to jump in and teach "your way" but hold tight and maybe have your child teach you "their way." Our reading unit focus will be on firsthand and secondhand accounts for most of the month. We will define what those are, be able to analyze texts, and also compare and contrast what those texts have to offer. For writing, we will be writing a research-based paper after interviewing a relative. We are hopeful that your child will learn more about someone in your family. These turn out to be pretty special. In social studies, we will be learning about the first Coloradans, various Native American tribes. Students will be placed into groups to collaboratively work on a presentation covering their specific tribe. 

Important Dates:

Jan. 7th 1st day back for students

Jan. 15th Assessment Day (will be an asynchronous learning day)

Jan. 18th No school-MLK Day

Jan. 25th-In-person school set to resume binding Covid restrictions

Conferences in February are currently scheduled for Feb. 9th (evening) & Feb. 10th (during school day) ***No school Feb. 10th***YES school on Feb. 11-12th***