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Kindergarten News - January

Happy 2021!  We hope everyone had a wonderful winter break.  We will be spending a little time getting back into the routine and expectations of school after the break either remotely or when we come back face-to-face.

In literacy, we are studying non-fiction texts and looking at the roles of the author and illustrator.  We are also learning about the relationship between illustrations and the words in the text.  

In writing, students are drawing  and writing about something they know how to do: “How to” informational writing is where students are drawing and writing about things they know how to do with step by step procedures. (How to brush my teeth, How to make a sundae, How to make a pizza). 

In math, we are introducing addition and equal symbols to help students represent addition stories.  We are also focusing on teen numbers 10 through 19 with the understanding that those numbers are “one group of ten, and some further ones.” For example, 14 is one group of 10 and 4 extra ones. 

In Social Studies, we are studying maps and globes. Students will be identifying representations of Earth using maps and globes.

Throughout the month we will focus on the season of winter.  The students will be able to go outside for recess as often as possible when we return back to face to face learning, so please have your child wear appropriate clothing.

In our social/emotional program, Second Step, we are focusing on showing respect to ourselves as well as others.  Students will be able to explain how feelings influence behavior.

Just a reminder that Thursday - January 14th  is our winter assessment day.  Students will only need to come to school during a two hour time slot. Seesaw activities will be posted for asynchronous learning to continue on this day.  

Assessment Day Sign-up Links:

Lussier Sign-up

May - Sign-up

Pries - Sign-up


January 14th - Kindergarten Assessment Day 

January 18th - No School (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

January 25th - PTO Meeting 6:00 p.m. 

Students will be having school on Monday - February 8th through Thursday - February 11th.

February 11th - School in session. Virtual Conferences will begin at 3:15pm-7:00pm

February 12th - No School.  Virtual Conferences from 8:00am to 12:00 pm.

February 15th - Presidents' Day (No School)

Happy wintertime!  Stay warm!

Jennifer Lussier, Stacy May and Deena Pries