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January News

Happy New Year! During the month of January, we will be working on Unit 5 Everyday Math.  Unit 5 focuses on counting coins, making change, and number stories.  Making change is a difficult skill.  We teach the ‘counting up’ strategy - start at the cost of the item and count up to the price.  Practicing this skill is a great way to support your child at home.

In language arts we are focusing on identifying the main purpose of a non fiction text, as well as how non  fiction text features help us gain more information about the topic. In writing we will begin our informational research writing unit. Students will research a topic and gather real facts from a text to include in their writing piece. 

For social studies we have started our economics unit. We began with a focus on goods and services. This month we will focus on how consumers make economic decisions and the relationship between supply and demand. 

We also are continuing with social emotional lessons using our Second Step curriculum.  We have been working on some key words, like empathy and compassion, and how to show these traits in different situations.

We are so excited to be returning to in person learning.  We can’t wait to see the students back in the classroom!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Assessment Day- 1/13

  • No School- MLK- Monday 1/18

  • Return to In Person- Monday 1/25

Thank you for all your support!