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February 2021

I can't believe it is February!  The first and second groups I see this month are completing first semester music standards that relate to performing melodies and identifying melodic patterns.  The third group will be rhythms in the younger grades and performing mulit-layered music in the upper grades.  All classes complete a mindfulness activity at the beginning of music to settle our bodies and minds.  We often do breathing exercises that help our singing, too!

The following classes will have music through Feb 3: Varela, Haggadone, Kundrat, Muller, Mickelson, Lussier

From Feb 4 through Feb 16 will be: Hafen, Beerman, North, Curtis, Loeffler, Pries

Feb 17 through March 17: Wheeler, Fellman, Garren, Young, Kover, May