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March Newsletter

Coyote Ridge Elementary School

5th Grade

March 2021

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March 17th: Wear Green!
March 19th: Fun Run! (No Parents)
March 22nd-March 29th: Spring Break

Fifth Grade Focus
Reading: We have begun our new unit wherein we are working to identify and understand Cause and Effect, Problem/Solution, Sequencing, Comparison, and Descriptive informational texts.

Writing: Students are practicing sharing opinions with text evidence in our new unit. Students are writing on a range of topics and articulating their thinking orally and in writing.

Math: Unit 5 has begun and we are currently working on understanding Multiplying and Dividing Fractions. This is many students' first exposure to the abstract, mathematical work of numerical fractions. It’s a fantastic learning experience and the students are grasping the concepts quickly.

Social Studies: Our current goal is learning about the 13 Colonies before the Revolutionary War and students are working their way through the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies.

Thank you! Have a great March!
5th Grade Team

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