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March Music News

Here are some highlights for March:

* 5th graders are performing on ukuleles - 4th graders will use them when 5th is finished.  Fifth graders will then work on learning and recording their musicals "Pirates".

* Currently, 4th graders are working on their performance called, "In the Attic".  This is based on Colorado history - a subject taught in fourth grade.

* Third graders are learning how to arrange music using musical form.  Ask them about "ABACA" :)

* Second grade is working on their performance called, "An Aesop Adventure".  It is based on Aesop's fable, and each class will have one or two fables to act out.

* First grade is working on composing and notating rhythms and melodies.  They are becoming amazing music readers!

* Kindergarten is learning about the musical opposites of fast/slow and same/different.  They are also composing short pieces to accompany poems and stories.  They are a bunch of creative kids!

As a reminder, below is the music schedule for the rest of the year:

Feb 17 through March 17: Wheeler, Fellman, Garren, Young, Kover, May

March 18 - April 23: Varela, Haggaddone, Kundrat, Muller, Mickelson, Lussier

April 24 - May 26: Hafen, Beerman, North, Curtis, Loeffler, Pries