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April News

Spring is in the air! Hard to believe that it is already April.  Following spring break, we rotated classes for specials.  Currenty the following classes attend P.E. until April 27th: (Wheeler, Farrel, Garren, Young, May, Kover).  Students have been working together on their long-rope skills, and we have started our dribbling/basketball unit.  As pictures were being taken in the gym on Friday 4/2, grades 3-5 were able to get outside and play some epic games of kickball, while grades K-2 engaged in some favorite tag games and worked on catching and throwing a frisbee.  

During this rotation we will spend time both inside and outside the gym.  Due to Covid restrictions we are still unable to use the drinking fountain in the gym, so please continue to bring a water bottle and wear appropriate footwear. 

Remote Students:

Currently remote students in Kinder and 1st grade receive asynchronous lessons for P.E.  These lessons are posted on Tuesday and Thursday of each week in Seesaw for our remote learners.