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August and September News!

Students are doing a great job of transitioning back to in-person learning in the music classroom!  We are doing "get-to-know-you" activities and are beginning to make music together as an ensemble.  I am so glad we are not remote - I can actually hear all their beautify singing voices compared to the beginning of last year!

Here are specific learnings for August and September:

K - Performing with our 4 voices: speaking, whispering, singing and shouting; identifying loud/quiet, sound/silence

1 - Performing the steady beat and identifying quarter note, quarter rest and pair of eighth notes

2 - Performing rhythm ostinato and identifying half note, half rest, whole note and whole rest

3 - Performing layered rhythm ostinati and identifying/performing sixteenth and dotted half notes

4 - Identifying and performing dotted quarter followed by eighth, eighth note triplet rhythm patterns

5 - Identifying and performing syncopated rhythms