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September News

The school year is off to a great start!

Math: During the month of September we will finish Unit 1 of Everyday Math and begin Unit 2.  Unit 2 includes developing strategies for adding and subtracting within 20. We will also be using place value understanding and properties of operations to add and subtract. Students will practice fact fluency and recall to help solve multi digit problems. Click here to read more Unit 2- Family Letter

Literacy: Students are asking and answering who, what, when, where, and why questions as a way to help them better understand a text.  Students will also be working on retelling the beginning, middle and end of stories, and identifying the problem and solution.  

Writing: We are working on personal narratives.  We are teaching the writing process, including how to plan and edit a story.  After using a graphic organizer for planning out important details such as characters and setting of the story, we will work on adding some pizazz to our writing by adding a hook, transition words, and interesting adjectives. 

Social Studies: We are learning about how to be a good citizen. We have been reading about how to be a positive leader and what makes someone a hero. We will continue to study our civic responsibilities and how we can help improve our community.

Social Emotional (Second Steps): We will focus on managing distraction, building a growth mindset, and goal setting. 

 Lesson 1-How to Get Good at Something. In this lesson, your child will learn that their best skills have developed as a result of practicing, trying hard, and asking for help.

Lesson 2: What Mistakes Tell Us- in this lesson, your child will learn that mistakes tell us something’s not working and that they can respond to mistakes by asking for help, trying again, or making a small change to keep going.

Important Dates: 

9/2 - Individual Picture Day 

        PTO meeting with Dr. Mike @ 8:05 in Cafeteria 

9/6 - Labor Day (no school) 

9/7 - Assessment Day (your child will only need to come during the time you signed up for - no regular school on assessment day) 

9/14 - Vision and Hearing Screening