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Physical Education

Physical Education at Coyote Ridge focuses on enhancing movement concepts and skills, understanding basic health-related components and skill-related components of fitness and how it relates to personal fitness, demonstrating respect and the ability to follow directions. In each grade, students demonstrate various movement concepts; assess personal behaviors; connect fitness development to body systems; demonstrate respect for self, others, and various physical activity environments; and utilize safety procedures during physical activities.

Adams 12 Cross Country Race & Lions Club Relays

In October 4th and 5th graders will be invited to participate in the Annual Adams 12 Elementary Cross Country Race. In May, students in grades 1-5 will have an opportunity to participate in the annual Lions Club Relays event.


November Phys. Ed. News





The Adams 12 Elementary Cross Country race was a success! Shout out to all of our runners, volunteers, parents and PTO who helped make this a great event!

 Cross Country Results:

4th Grade Girls: 2nd Place Overall

Individual Medals: Norah Vissers 9th Place

4th Grade Boys: 4th Place Overall

No Individual Medals

5th Place Girls: 1st Place Overall

Individual Medals: Aria Lozano 5th, Valari Bal 7th, Ellie Barnes 8th

5th Grade Boys 6th Place Overall

Individual Medals: Mark Thompson 10th Place

Star Strutters Special Needs Race Participant

Carson Hodges

For additional pictures of the event click here

October brought the cooler temperatures and even some snow, but that didn't keep us from throwing and catching  together. (Pitured below, Mrs. Moore's 4th grade class engaged in 3 Catch)


Students in grades K-5 also enjoyed a variety of  Halloween themed activities including "Pumpkin Juggling", "Capture the Orb", "Poison Pumkins", "Zombie Tag", and "Zombies in the Graveyard" (pictured below).






This month we have begun our Sport Stacking unit. Students in grades K, 1, 2, 3, and 5 will be stacking to help set a new world record!!

For students who would like an opportunity to compete outside of school  and see how they "stack up" against the competion click here for a link to this years Colorado Open in Castle Rock.  Students will be required to provide their own transportation and pay their own entry fee.

Please continue to support your student by reminding them to wear tennis shoes and bring a water bottle on gym days.

As always feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you might have.

In Good Health,

Coach Sean





October Phys. Ed News

September has been racing by.  4th and 5th grade students have been preparing for this year's Adams 12 Elementary Cross Country Event scheduled for October 6th.  Students have been running on Tuesday and Thursday mornings before school starts.  Special thanks to Mr. Swiss who has been helping our runners with pacing by trying to "beat the turtle" and "catch the coyote."

Cross Country Turtle

Cross Country Coyote

In P.E. class students have been demonstrating their ability to play safely in a dynamic game environment while using their chasing, fleeing, dodging, and tagging skills.  Students took a brief journey to the Marvel universe as we played Marvel themed tag games including Avengers Tag and Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Avengers.inclusion Avengers Tag 2

Students also enjoyed a variety of other tag games including Sharks and Minnows and Chicken Taco Tag (pictured below).

Chicken Taco Tag

Students have begun transitioning into working on their throwing and catching skills.  We began with an emphasis on underhand throwing skills by bowling at the "Disco Bowl" (pictured below).

Disco Bowl

 Its starting to feel a bit more like fall outside. While the weather is getting a bit cooler, P.E. is still held outside periodically.  On PE. days please help remind your student to wear appropriate footwear and bring their water bottle, and a sweatshirt for those cool fall days.

In good health,

Coach Sean