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Gifted and Talented

On average, approximately 3% of a school’s student population is identified as Gifted and Talented (GT).  A body of evidence is used in Adams 12 Five Star Schools to qualify a student for this identification.  Appropriate enrichment, acceleration and differentiation takes place within the classroom.  Because of this philosophy, there is no specialized curriculum or isolated program at Coyote Ridge.

Attached below you will find information that describes and differentiates between bright children and gifted learners.  All 2nd Graders at Coyote Ridge were tested using the NNAT Universal screener on September 14, 2018.

The CoGAT (cognitive abilities test) is the measure that our school district administers to identify GT students.  It is a standardized measure that is administered in small grade level groups and tests cognitive abilities along with problem solving skills.  CoGAT testing nomination forms are now available.  Testing nomination forms are due to your classroom teacher October 16, 2018.  If the forms are not turned in by October 16, 2018 your child will need to wait until 2019 for testing.  Our testing date for the CoGat test is Tuesday, November 6th, 2018.  Parents will be notified of results by Friday, Januray 11, 2019.  Please see the forms below.

Identifying GT Students

Testing for identification of GT students at Coyote Ridge will take place Fall 2018.  The district specialists will then evaluate the test results, checklists, and other evidence to determine whether the student qualifies and you will be notified of their recommendation by US Mail approximately four to six weeks after testing.  Testing Paperwork Deadline is October 16, 2018.

Bright vs. Gifted Child

General information about Gifted and Talented Identification

Gifted and Talented Documents - Due October 16, 2018

Parent, please fill out the following:

Student, please fill out the following:

Turn in all 3 forms to classroom teacher as well as a blank staff referral (below).

Adams 12 GT Parent Group