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The Mwebaza Foundation

Coyote Ridge Elementary School has partnered with The Mwebaza Foundation - St. Paul Infant Primary School

Location: Nkokonjeru, Uganda – approximately 30 miles east of the capital city of Kampala; tropical terrain; remote
Colorado Partner School: Coyote Ridge Elementary, Broomfield, CO, USA
Time as a Partner School: Partnered since 2009
Number of Students: Approximately 120, preschool to age 12
Number of Teachers: 3
History: School was established in 2008 by the Namirembe Agnes, a former tailor, to meet the needs of the poor children in the area.
Amenities: Motorcycle and 14 passenger van purchased by Mwebaza Foundation and used to transport teachers and students to the school and bring in income for school through a taxi service; 5 new EnviroLoo toilets, which are waterless and convert waste to compost; rainwater-fed hand washing stations; new 4-classroom solid school building with a library room and teachers office; two rainwater collection tanks with sterilization systems; 12-panel solar power system.
Needs: Over half of students are AIDS orphans; teacher training; teacher homes; land expansion; basic school supplies.

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Party Fundraisers

Want to help the Mwebaza Foundation help the schools it serves, but not sure how?  Want to give more than you can afford to?  Like to entertain?  If these three statements describe you, then you may be interested in hosting a party fundraiser.  Party fundraisers can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Here are the basics:

1.    Invite your friends to a party at your house or local venue. Supporters have hosted cocktail parties, Africa-themed parties, birthday parties, and house concerts to benefit the Mwebaza Foundation.  Think about your interests, your friends, and your resources, and get creative!

2.    Let your guests know that you are holding the party to benefit a cause you care about, assisting developing schools in Africa.  A donation jar will be available at the party, and they will be able to make a contribution, should they wish to do so.  No pressure.  Some child supporters wanting to help their pen pals have hosted birthday parties and asked for contributions for the Mwebaza Foundation from guests instead of gifts.

3.    Gather food and drinks that you want to serve.  Feel free to make it simple.  Good company for a good cause!

4.    Let us know if you would like a Mwebaza Foundation representative to present briefly about the work of the Foundation at your party.  We'll bring a display board, donation envelopes, collection jar, tax receipts, and even a short slide show, if you like.  We won't monopolize your party.  People will want to socialize!  But we can take on the responsibility for sharing about the Foundation if you wish, leaving you to simply have fun with your guests.

It's as fun and easy as that!  And these parties bring in both funds and goodwill for the Mwebaza Foundation that really help us do what we do - build partnerships that help kids on both sides of the Atlantic!  Thanks for your consideration!