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September News

Dear Parents and Guardians –

At our PTO meeting on September 1st, I was able to share some positive news regarding our state assessment results. On the assessments conducted in the spring of last year, our students in Grades 3, 4 and 5 made some significant gains in terms of achievement and growth.

On the 2016 School Performance Framework (SPF), which is a framework assigned to every public school in Colorado, we received a score of 67.9 out of 100 possible points. We had high achievement scores, but lower growth scores that contributed to the overall total. For the 2017 SPF, we received a score of 75.1 out of 100, with improved growth scores, especially in the area of math.

We had a significant number of students removed from READ plans, which are set up for struggling readers, in both 2nd and 3rd grade. MAP scores from the spring also showed a large percentage of students meeting projected growth targets in all grade levels in both reading and math. These success stories support the fact that student progress occurs when we combine targeted instruction and progress monitoring on a continual basis. 

Overall, we are pleased with student achievement and we are focused on having even higher growth scores this school year. Part of our success will be measured through our ability to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all of our learners. We continue to look for ways to enhance student engagement and to learn from one another about teaching practices that have the most impact on our students.

Thank you as always for your partnership and support for your child(ren) and our staff.


Dr. Mike