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October News

Dear Parents and Guardians -

As I mentioned at the start of the year, we have worked together as a staff to identify and prioritize some areas for professional learning this school year. One of our identified values is to meet the needs of every student at Coyote Ridge Elementary and we have approached our learning and growth while keeping this value in mind.

Based on our work, we have agreed to focus on our new math curriculum, not only in the implementation and delivery of content, but in the development of mathematical skills for our students. Teachers will be attending monthly professional development sessions that are level specific. They also are utilizing exit tickets to check for understanding and mastery of concepts.

We also have agreed to focus on inquiry, which encompases many components including higher level questioning, formative assessment, success criteria for students and project based learning. Many of the inquiry components are good for gifted and talented students, but they also are components of sound classroom instruction.

In order to focus on the social and emotional needs of our students, we are adopting the Random Acts of Kindness curriculum at every grade level. Our new school psychologist, Kelly Banks, will be working in partnership with classroom teachers to promote kindness in our school. Make sure you have a look at our kindness tree in the hallway outside of 1st grade when you are here for conferences.

Finally, we will be focusing some of our time together on learning and sharing ways to address the needs of students who struggle with reading. We have already spent a Wednesday early release discussing reading difficulties and many of our teachers will also be taking part in a training on October 13, with Jan Richardson, who is a well known reading specialist. We are excited to learn and grow together this school year in fulfillment of our vision and mission.


Dr. Mike