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December Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians -

We will be submitting our Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) this week in fulfillment of the state requirement for every public school to create a plan for review by the Colorado Department of Education. Our plan is a reflection on how our students performed on state and district assessments last year and what steps we can take to enhance our performance this school year. Students at Coyote Ridge Elementary typically have very high achievement scores, meaning they often obtain some of the highest overall scores in the district when compared to other schools. Where we are not seeing as much success is in the area of growth, especially on the state assessments in language and math.

To address lower growth scores and the need for every student to make at least one year's worth of growth regardless of their achievement, we are spending time as a staff to review student work and conduct formative and summative assessments to measure progress. So far we have had positive results from our shift to Everyday Math 4 as the new curriculum appears to address grade level standards and end of the year student outcomes. We also have provided time for teachers to review the units of study in reading in order to assure we are beginning with the end in mind - namely what do students need to know and be able to do, and how will we know when they have demonstrated mastery of required content.

The process can be time consuming and demanding, but our teachers continue to work hard to support and challenge their students and measure their progress along the way. I appreciate the teacher leaders and members of our school accountability committee who have provided input and helped to write the UIP. We have identified clear action steps to do what is best for every student at our school and we are excited to see the positive impact it will have on all of them.


Dr. Mike