January News

Dear Parents and Guardians -

As we return from the holiday break, students are being assessed to monitor growth that has taken place academically since the start of the school year. When considering these results, we know as educators that this window of time from early January until spring break tends to be one of the most productive times of the school year. Students are focused on learning and teachers are very clear where students are and where they need to be.

As parents you can help assure your child makes the appropriate amount of growth by supporting learning at home and working with your child’s teacher to attain individual growth goals. In addition to reviewing assessment data during parent/teacher conferences in February, parents can encourage their children to work hard and do their best on a daily basis.

Our teachers have written their own professional goals focused on student achievement and growth which are tied directly to their annual performance rating. Administrative goals are also linked to student growth at every grade level. In short, we all have a vested interest in assuring that every child at Coyote Ridge Elementary performs at an appropriate rate so they are well prepared for the next year in school. We are confident that the instruction taking place in classrooms and the collaboration between teaching professionals will ensure we reach our goals and we appreciate the part you play as parents in supporting us in this important process.


Dr. Mike