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September News

Dear Parents and Guardians -

As we begin the school year it is helpful to set academic goals for each student based on their performance on different assessments conducted during the first weeks of school. In much the same way, it is helpful for us as a school staff to look at assessment results and set building goals for the year.

The state assessments conducted in 3rd through 5th grade in March and April provide us with a snapshot of how we are performing academically over time and also provide a comparison to other schools in our district and in the state. While these results are focused on the performance of students in the upper grades, we feel that they are a good reflection of student achievement and growth over time.

In this regard, we are very pleased with the trends and patterns we have seen over the past three years at Coyote Ridge Elementary. On the state assessments, our overall school performance framework has increased from 67.9% in 2016 to 75.1% in 2017 to 81.5% in 2018. We have also seen an increase in growth scores in both ELA and Mathematics, with the most impressive growth taking place in Math over the past two years.

These results indicate that we are doing the right things to meet the needs of our students. This school year we are focusing most of our professional development on enhancing the literacy instruction at every grade level. This will go hand in hand with a proposed literacy adoption in the later part of this school year. We want to assure we are on track with sound instructional practices prior to introducing new literacy resources.

Overall we have a lot to celebrate when considering the data on student achievement and growth, but we know there is always room for improvement. At Coyote Ridge Elementary we prioritize time for collaboration and reflection to consider what we have done well and what we can do better.


Dr. Mike