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November News

Dear Parents and Guardians -

As a staff, we have devoted a lot of time to consistently implement the reading units of study at every grade level. Among other things, teachers have engaged in professional development focused on shared and whole group reading practices. Shared reading encompases the following components: Providing a shared experience to practice reading strategies and/or skills of the standards modeled during read aloud. Building a strong reading community by providing shared practice around a strategy/standard using complex text. Promoting the development of foundational skills, as well as, oral expression and listening skills.

Through this work, the focus is to teach students skills that transfer and help them become better readers regardless of their ability or reading level. In addition to focusing on shared reading practices, teachers have also worked on posting learning intentions and success criteria for students for each lesson during the day. Providing this information to students and making it visible helps them to understand what they are expected to do, how they can be successful and why they are doing a particular task or project. These formative assessment practices assure that students are supported to take ownership and responsibility for their learning.

Addressing grade level standards is a key component of meaningful daily instruction, but doing so requires a lot of time and effort. As a staff, we continue to collaborate in grade level and vertical teams to enhance the instruction for our students and to help them see the value and meaning behind standards at every grade level and in every subject area throughout the school year.

Dr. Mike