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December Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians -

As a school, we have designated teacher leaders at every grade level. These teachers receive additional training and attend district workshops to enhance their skills as educators and help us plan professional development activities for all teaching staff during our early release Wednesdays.

Recently our teacher leaders attended four days of training on Adaptive Schools. Among other things, Adaptive Schools highlights ways to increase collaboration, enrich meetings, and establish norms so that educators make effective use of their time and enhance the learning environment for their students.

On the final day of training, we were asked to reflect on those things that are going well in our school. Some of the areas highlighted included increased collaboration, a positive and supportive school climate, and teachers taking risks to openly share teaching practices with their colleagues. These changes in school culture and climate are not an accident. As a staff we believe in shared leadership and encourage each other to embrace the importance of ongoing learning and development. As we get better at what we do, every student at Coyote Ridge Elementary benefits and has that much more success as a learner.

The leadership team will be sharing more about Adaptive Schools with the staff in the weeks and months to come. We are excited to continue to grow and develop as a strong school community today and well into the future.


Dr. Mike