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February Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians -

February is a busy month with parent/teacher conferences right around the corner. When you meet with your child’s teacher you will review academic progress and growth. You also will discuss how your child is doing socially and emotionally in the classroom environment. At Coyote Ridge Elementary we are invested in the development of the whole child and making sure every child’s needs are being met.

As parents, we obviously want what is best for our children as they grow and mature. Given that fact, it can be difficult to watch them struggle along the way. A recent article in The Guardian (2019) highlights the fact that parents may be coddling children too much, and that “exposure to normal stresses and strains is vital for their future wellbeing.” They go on to stress that, “If we overprotect kids and keep them “safe” from unpleasant social situations and negative emotions, we deprive them of the challenges and opportunities for skill-building they need to grow strong. Such children are likely to suffer more when exposed later to other unpleasant but ordinary life events, such as teasing and social exclusion.”

This of course does not mean that we ignore when students are struggling, but rather that we pay close attention to situations where children can problem solve and take risks in order to develop self-confidence and independence. As a parent of two teenage daughters, I can attest to the fact that this is easier said than done, but there does come a point when your child(ren) will be in difficult situations and will need to figure things out on their own. If we rescue them every time they are struggling, we are inadvertently making them less resilient and more susceptible to anxiety and even depression. As the author's stress, “there are good reasons to suspect that by depriving our innately antifragile kids of the wide range of experiences they need to be strong, we are systematically stunting their growth. We should let go - and let them grow.”     link to article

Haidt, J. & Paresky, P. (Jan, 2019). By mollycoddling our children, we’re fueling mental illness in teenagers. The Guardian