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May Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians -

It is hard to believe we just have a few weeks of school remaining. While there is still a lot to do and learn, it seems that early May is a time where I tend to find myself reflecting on the year as a whole.

Overall, we have had an amazing school year at Coyote Ridge full of celebrations, learning, exploration and student growth. It is always rewarding to see how much students progress over the year both academically and emotionally. They learn new things and have a desire to find out more about those things that are of interest to them.

As we prepare for the 5th grade continuation, I as a parent am also in the process of preparing for my oldest daughter’s graduation from high school. It is surprising how fast children grow up to become young adults. The role as a parent can be challenging and sometimes a bit scary, but I have found it to also be extremely rewarding. At this point in my daughter’s life, I have to trust that my wife and I and her teachers, family members and friends have influenced her in such a way that she will go on to be a productive and positive member of our society. I have no doubt that this will be the case, but it is still hard to let go and watch her forge her own path.

At Coyote Ridge Elementary we are fortunate to have amazing parents who love and care for their children and support them in their development as individuals. Hopefully our parents and students will look back fondly on this school year and appreciate how far we have come. The years pass quickly and at times the events tend to blur together, but we can be thankful for the part we have played in the lives that we touch.


Dr. Mike