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February Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians - 

Parent/teacher conferences take place this month. Conferences are a wonderful opportunity for parents to hear about their child’s progress and also about areas in need of growth for the remainder of the school year. In addition to formal assessment results, parents can hear about informal measures of progress and set goals for end of year outcomes.  As always we appreciate parents being involved and working in partnership with their child’s teacher. Thank you in advance for signing up and taking part in this important process.  

In addition to talking to your child’s teacher about academic progress, the intent of conferences is also for you to have a sense of how your child is doing socially and emotionally. We believe strongly that in order for a child to be successful, he or she must feel safe and part of the classroom and school community. We work hard to assure all students are connected and cared for at Coyote Ridge Elementary. 

Our teachers have had a renewed focus on building and maintaining a strong classroom community throughout the school year. Morning and afternoon classroom meetings are a big part of this as are the inclusion of Random Acts of Kindness and Second Step lessons focused on being kind and looking out for others. This year we also have had monthly whole school meetings which are student led and full of positive messages and reminders for students at all grade levels. 

All of these factors are important aspects of a child’s development and while a typical school day is just a piece of the puzzle, it is a vital piece that can help set them on a positive path towards adulthood. 


Dr. Mike