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March Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians - 

This school year we have prioritized having an all school meeting once a month. These meeting are headed up by a different grade level with the help of some 5th grade students and the direction of our Social Emotional Learning Specialist Ms. Cebra. 

At the end of February, the 1st grade students took the lead and guided everyone on how to use various breathing methods to help calm their bodies in times of stress or heightened activity. As this teaching took place, students were attentive and focused on the different techniques. Watching our younger students guide some of our older students was an enjoyable experience and also presented an opportunity for me to reflect. 

It is encouraging to see the shift that has taken place in schools to ensure students are balanced both in terms of their academics and their social and emotional well being. We have come to realize that both aspects of a child’s development are important and vital for current and future success. 

As I have mentioned previously, we conduct lessons in the classroom to promote kindness and caring and teachers also facilitate morning meetings to build and enhance classroom communities. In conjunction with these things we are constantly looking for ways to reward and acknowledge students for positive behavior while they are attending school. 

All of these factors combine to support the development of healthy individuals whom we are proud to call Coyote Ridge students. We have a special community and together we are making a positive impact in the lives of our future leaders. 


Dr. Mike