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September Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians - 

It has been wonderful to start up again this school year and to interact with students both remotely and in-person. There is so much work that goes into the start of the school year and this year has been an additional load setting up for learning pods and synchronous learning. 

Our goal all along has been to provide the safest and best possible learning environment for our students. While we all know that nothing can replace in-person learning, we also realized that we could make improvements over the asynchronous learning that took place rather suddenly in the spring. Even though we are just about a week into school, it is evident that we are well on our way to attaining this rather lofty goal based on the work students are doing and the feedback we have received from our community. 

As the Adams 12 school board and superintendent come closer to making a decision on the learning plan after September 25th, it is reassuring to see how hard teachers, specialists, and support staff are working everyday. The amount of collaboration and problem solving that has and continues to take place is nothing short of amazing. Rather than approach challenges with a negative attitude, everyone has remained open to possibilities and focused on doing what is best for kids. 

Regardless of the next steps, I know we will find success and move forward. Thank you for helping us stay focused on our school mission and vision and for showing patience, flexibility and grace. We may not do everything perfectly the first time, but we will always do our very best and make necessary adjustments along the way. 

We have all said this is a school year we will never forget. My hope is that we also are able to look back on this year at some point in the future and say that we all did everything we could, and our children are better for having had the experience.


Dr. Mike