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Report Cards

First semester report cards will be completed by teachers prior to the holiday break and shared with parents electronically in early January. Here are some reminders for what to expect in regards to your child’s report card:

-Keep in mind that  / Marks indicate that the benchmark has Not been Assessed and INS Marks indicate there is Insufficient Evidence to score the benchmark. Teachers may not have enough information to be able to assign a score in a given area due to a lack of comprehensive assessments or measures of progress. 

-Students may receive a lot of 2’s on the report card for the first semester which indicates that they have not shown mastery of a standard or benchmark at this point in the school year, or that all the content related to a standard has not yet been taught. That does not mean that they will not receive a score of a 3 on the second semester report card, but rather that mastery is not yet evident.