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December Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians - 

While the switch from in-person to remote learning the week prior to Thanksgiving was not entirely unexpected, it was a bit disappointing as we had hoped to make it to Thanksgiving break before making the move. That being said, the transition this time around has been pretty seamless. Students have become very savvy with the use of technology, even in the younger grades, and it has been nice for teachers to really know their students well to be able to meet their needs academically. 

Our students who have been engaged in remote learning since the beginning of the school year have developed strong learning habits and are doing very well with the support of their remote teachers. As always, it is enjoyable to hop around and visit classrooms virtually to see students and teachers in action. 

On a related note, we are proud to be starting up a new program to recognize one student of the month in each classroom. The nominiated student will be selected by their classroom teacher for exhibiting the PACK traits -Perseverance, Accountability, Courage and Kindness - on a daily basis. Students will be acknowledged and given a certificate and yard sign. Congratulations to all of our nominees in December. 

The survey we sent regarding learning choices for the second semester indicated that the vast majority of students, and their parents, are happy with their current learning format. We had seven students out of over 400 who wanted to make a switch to a learning format different from the format they took part in the first semester. Obviously everyone makes these choices based on what is best for their family, so we are glad that there are options that work for everyone. 

On behalf of the entire Coyote Ridge staff, we would like to wish you all a safe and enjoyable holiday season. We continue to stay strong as a school community and support one another through these uncharted waters. Thanks for your positive feedback, constructive criticism, and collaborative approach to help us do what is best for every student at our school. 

All the best, 

Dr. Mike