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January Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians - 

As we begin the second semester and welcome in a new year, we do so with a sense of hope and renewal. We are looking forward to welcoming students back to school for in-person learning as of January 25th. We also are encouraged with recent developments for teachers and school staff members to be able to receive the Covid vaccination within the next few months. Having staff members immunized will assure we can continue with in-person learning for the remainder of the school year. 

During the first week in January, teachers were able to attend professional development sessions focused on providing quality instruction to students in both the remote setting and when they return for in-person instruction. Among other things, we discussed the importance of engagement and students being invested in their learning. We also reviewed the necessity for clarity in lesson presentation and making sure students know the following:

  • What am I learning today?

  • Why am I learning this?

  • How will I know that I have learned it?

As a parent, I would encourage you to ask your child these three questions periodically. These questions will likely lead to a more in depth response and understanding on your part rather than the standard question of “What did you do today” and the typical response of “Not much” or “Nothing."

At Coyote Ridge Elementary, we are fortunate to have outstanding educators who continually reflect on their instruction and make adjustments to become better at what they do. Teaching, as many of you have seen from students working at home, is an art form that requires continual refinement, skill and a lot of patience. We are working hard to provide the best possible education for our students and we look forward to the year to come. 


Dr. Mike