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March Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians - 

I spend about 20 minutes every morning in the parking lot helping with the crosswalk and greeting students as they arrive at school. During this time, I like to look at the bumper stickers and messages posted on the back windows of cars. My favorite message says: “I hope something good happens to you today.” 

I like this message because it is not conveying anything other than good intentions for others. While this may seem a bit simple, it is a key component of what we strive to do every day at Coyote Ridge Elementary. If nothing else, we hope students at our school understand the importance of being kind. 

Obviously, kindness can take on many forms and can be small acts or big actions, but ultimately kindness involves doing what you can, whenever you can, to make things better for another individual. 

I like nothing more than “catching” kids doing something kind when they do not know anyone is looking. When this happens, you know that the child is making a choice to help someone, not because they will experience a tangible reward, but because it makes them feel better. Their reward is a smile or a response of gratitude for what they have done. The more this happens, the more the cycle repeats itself over time. 

We as adults can model this for our children and students. We can show them through our actions what it means to be kind. In turn, we are enhancing our school community and the community where we live. 

Sometimes we need reminders to always be kind, especially when things in our lives are challenging. A note in a car window is a good place to start, but I have found that often we just need to slow down and observe the children around us who show kindness to others as they realize how good it feels to them and to the recipient of the kind act.  


Dr. Mike