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Kindergarten Information 2021/22


Questions & Information about Kindergarten

  • Homework provides an opportunity to deepen understanding and enhance skills. It extends learning opportunities beyond the school day.  The student, with some parent support, should complete homework.  The goal for each Kindergartner is to become an independent worker. Homework may involve reading, language arts, and/or math practice.  “Home links” from our Everyday Math program will also be sent home on a regular basis.  Home work should be completed and returned to school in the Friday folder by Wednesday of each week. 
  • Friday Folders will come home weekly, usually on the last school day of the week, and they are to be returned by following Wednesday.  This is a GREAT way for your child to practice responsibility.  Please review and remove your child’s work, and any other informational papers each week. Our monthly Kindergarten newsletter will be published on the Coyote Ridge website.
  • In our Kindergarten classrooms we promote positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS). Our philosophy is that a child needs and deserves positive reinforcement for displaying acceptable behavior in a nurturing environment.  We strive to create an environments that is both emotionally and physically safe for students. PBIS promotes the social emotional competence of all children.  Our goal is to promote positive behaviors by recognizing students who are making good choices with Coyote Cash coupons.  Students can purchase items or special experiences from our Coyote Cart monthly.
  • One of our primary goals at Coyote Ridge is keeping your student safe. When you come to the school during the day we ask that you enter through our main doors and go through a screening process before you can enter the building.  All doors at Coyote Ridge are secured during the day.  We do practice fire drills, lock down drills, and tornado drills.  We talk about these drills as a class prior to let our Kindergarteners know what is going to happen, why we do them, and to help them to know to know how to respond. 
  • Kindergarten conferences will take place two times per year, October and February.  During that time, the teacher will share examples of your child’s work and talk about strengths and any areas of concern.  Kindergarten report cards are sent home twice a year. The first report card will come home in January for first semester.  The final report card will come home the last day of school.  If you have any concerns during the year please feel free to email your child’s teacher and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.
  • We do have an afternoon snack in Kindergarten.  Please have your child bring a nutritious snack each day.  If your child has any food allergies, please let your child’s teacher know as soon as possible.  Students have the option to bring a sack lunch from home or purchase school lunch. The lunch menu is posted on the Adams 12 website.
  • Our classes do attend specials which consist of music, PE, and art.  We attend these on a rotation schedule.  Please remember to have your student bring or wear appropriate shoes on days we have PE.  We also visit our library once a week to check out books.
  • We will be playing outside almost every day, weather permitting.  We strongly believe that all young children need the opportunity to move throughout the day.  Please help your child to dress for the weather. Remember to label clothes/coats. Due to safety and liability reasons children cannot play on the playground immediately before or after school.
  • We love celebrating birthdays!  On your child’s birthday or “un-birthday” which are celebrations for birthdays on non-school days, you may provide individual prewrapped treats for the class.  Please abstain from sending treats that contain peanuts.
  • If your child is late, please have them enter through the front door and the office staff will check them in and direct them to their classroom.  If your child will be more than fifteen minutes late or absent all day we ask that you call the attendance line to report your student's absence. 
  • How will I find out my child’s teacher? You will receive an email in June with instructions on how to set up a parent portal.  You will be able to view your student’s teacher in the portal usually the second week of August.
  • We do have a BASE program which is a before and after school enrichment program at our school.  This programs accepts applications in the spring for the following school year.  Spots are limited and are processed by a lottery system.  There are some community care programs that service our school.  Please contact our office for more information.

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