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May Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians - 

It is hard to believe that this school year is nearing an end. As everyone has heard and experienced firsthand, this year was like no other. Moving from remote to in-person and then back to remote again before returning to in-person at the end of January was a challenging situation to say the least. 

Through it all, the Coyote Ridge staff and students rose to the challenge. Teachers and staff made quick adjustments to provide the best possible learning experience for our students. The students in turn, showed that they could adapt to whatever we presented both at home and at school. If nothing else, they were resilient and determined to make the most of the 2020-2021 school year. 

Parents also dug in and did their best to support children at home. Many parents also had a renewed appreciation for the art of teaching and how difficult it is to meet the needs of every student in a class. As we celebrate staff appreciation week, we can feel the love from our community as they express gratitude and give thanks to teachers and staff alike for everything they did this year. 

As always, our partnership with parents and our entire school community has proven to be strong and a key component of our success. We are in the process of conducting end of the year assessments and overall we are impressed with the growth that students made despite the challenges throughout the school year. It goes to show that we made the very best of a tough situation. 

Thank you for your never ending support and belief in the value of a quality education. Together we made it through and we will look back and say that we beat this pandemic by standing by our Vision: As a community, we are dedicated to preparing our students to be lifelong learners who strive to achieve their full potential.


Dr. Mike