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October Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians - 

There have been several articles recently about behavior problems in schools since the start of this school year. With issues around vandalism at middle and high schools, and increased incidents of fighting and mean behavior towards others, schools are seeing an uptick in problematic behavior. 

Thankfully at Coyote Ridge, we have not experienced many of these behaviors, but we are having to work through some situations where students are being unkind towards one another. This behavior is not typical for Coyote Ridge students and is something we are working hard to address.

Teachers have focused on building classroom communities based on trust and respect and they conduct Second Step lessons weekly to reinforce positive behavior. We also adhere to our positive behavior support system by acknowledging students who demonstrate our PACK (Perseverance, Accountability, Courage, Kindness) traits on a consistent basis. At the start of October, we celebrated students of the month who were nominated by teachers in the school. During morning announcements, we are highlighting students who are caught doing good things with our “Kindness Cam” as well. 

All of these factors help promote kindness and caring throughout the school. Our goal is to support the social/emotional wellbeing of our students and to make sure we have less conflict and more examples of kindness towards others. As always we appreciate your support at home to reinforce these desired behaviors as we work together to overcome the difficult aspects of the pandemic that have impacted our society and our school community. 


Dr. Mike