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January Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians - 

As we begin the second semester, there is more urgency than ever to focus on the academic needs of our students. After being an educator for nearly 27 years, I firmly believe that this window of time from January until spring break is the most consequential time of the school year and the time when students experience tremendous academic growth. 

While we continue to face challenges in the educational realm, including Covid and the adjustments required with mandates and safety procedures as well as staff shortages throughout the system, we must continue to make the most of every minute we have with our students. 

Thankfully the students at Coyote Ridge Elementary by and large come to school ready and eager to learn. They benefit from having supportive families who have a strong commitment to education and a belief in partnering with their child’s teacher to support the learning taking place in the classroom. 

It is an exciting time of the school year and one in which we all will witness directly the ways our students flourish both academically and emotionally. Thanks as always for your support and partnership in the learning process. 


Dr. Mike